A perspective on the environment and lifestyle habits at 50

Professional Windsurfers and a Sea Turtle Surfacing at Ho’okipa Beach, Maui Northshore, Christmas Day 2020

Everything I learned in Ecology and Evolution thirty years ago at Colby College was true, but I still went on and lived selfishly for love, family and the comforts of lifestyle. Now, I am realizing how drastically we must change to protect people and planet. No one wants to believe it’s wrong to keep having as many kids as you want, yet the Earth’s carrying capacity is close to being reached. This means that we have overpopulation on our planet, and no real method to stop people from continuing to…

Leading Through Change Musical Guests and Update with Hawaiian Slack Key Guitarist, LT Smooth, during Covid Pandemic

As someone who can not go a day with out listening to music, singing or making music to keep me from feeling anxiety, I have a special interest in the musicians that Salesforce has shared in the last eight months to help us all move forward and survive Covid. I have really enjoyed learning about Salesforce through my Trailhead student journey, watching the livestream #LeadingThroughChange series of talks combined with musical guests. This integrated learning experience has been a true example of adding value and hope to business education that would otherwise be somewhat dull, pure business data. …

I used to love contract jobs.

They allowed me to work at many of my favorite companies and see what their headquarters were like, meet the staff and work on unique design projects, from holiday cards and packaging to transferring 150 skus from one brand to another.

Contracts also allowed me to work all over the Bay Area. Oakland, Emeryville, Berkeley, Petaluma, Marin, the Presidio, Marina, North Beach, the Mission and downtown San Francisco. This taught me how to get around the city, use BART, bike paths, bike cages and building bike storage rooms. I would never say I didn’t love every opportunity I had to…

I have PTSD.


What is PTSD?

PTSD is a psychological condition, characterized by:

  • symptoms specifically associated with exposure to a traumatic event.
  • Providing appropriate and individualized resources and services to victims is critical for their active recovery and healing*.


The impact of domestic abuse can linger long after the violence has stopped.

The impact on the victim can be in the form of:

• injury (financial, work related, emotional, physical)

• damage to physical and mental health

• suicide and feelings of hopelessness

• sexual and reproductive health

• ill effect on children

Victims of domestic violence who seek healthcare often…

March 25th, 2020

I came upstairs exhausted tonight and went to bed before 9 PM. I did not even ride my bike today, and I’m a daily cyclist that rarely misses a day on my bike.

I did go get the Covid-19 test at the drive thru testing in a garage at the local hospital. It’s now 11 PM and I woke up with chest pain and soreness on my both sides of my neck and weird muscle spasms in my right arm. I got up to pee. …

Who was Underwood? Smith? Ella?

My paternal grandfather was a “Canadian, Scottish, Irish Catholic” newspaper man. Like many born in 1910, he never went to college. He went straight to work for the local Waterbury, Connecticut newspaper, where he was a Sunday editor. He became a political reporter and consultant to the New York Times, after having worked many years in the newspaper business. He also worked for the Norwich Bulletin, Putnam News, and the Muskegon Chronicle in Michigan. I heard many wild stories about his life, from the fact that he shimmied down a drain pipe from a school window to escape the nuns…

What’s Next for the ELF

What if I told you there is an award winning company for sale right now that has already created a successful, sustainable micro-vehicle that works in rain, wind, snow, runs on solar, can be pedaled or not (like a JUMP electric bike), weighs only 160 pounds, can transport 1 to 3 people, 8 bags of groceries, pets, is safety tested and yet considered a bicycle that can ride in bike lanes and on the road up to 30 mph. It can carry up to 550 pounds. The ELF has already been used as a delivery vehicle, a book mobile, mobile…

How I learned to Proudly Pee “like a man” in Nature

She awakes to the pale grey fog off the coast. It is Sunday and there is light but no sunshine yet. She has to pee. She has become an expert at doing this from her car and moving around from place to place, not staying too long in any one parking spot or pull out off the road. She never leaves a trace of litter, not like some of the others she sees who pull along the roadside. She often picks up their garbage for them, especially in the…

Fundraising & Biking with the San Francisco Bike Coalition

Susan Gallentine, Marketing Manager of SF Bike Coaliton in the 49th Annual Pride Parade.

Sunday blew my mind. I’m truly not kidding. There was a moment when I was biking down Market Street with other San Francisco Bike Coalition staff, volunteers, men, women, gay, lesbian, non-binary, old, young, black, white, hispanic, asian, indian, moms, dads, singles and community members…

Fundraising for San Francisco Bike Coalition

June 16, Climate Ride 2019: Central Coast Final Day in Arroyo Valley

It is the Wednesday after Climate Ride has ended, and I feel like I’m supposed to be on my bike, pedaling an average of 60 miles a day, but I am sitting in the Presidio Transit Café with my green tea and laptop, reflecting on what transpired over the last week. My first thought this morning was that the 40 mile scenic ride around San Francisco is SHORT and I must do it immediately. Maybe this will become my next job; San Francisco bike tour guide and my teenage sons can be a part of the business? …

Colleen Proppé

Life-long artist and designer. I love creative writing, live music, acoustic guitar, golden doodles, border collies, nature, cycling and organic food. She/her.

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