I used to love contract jobs.

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So, why aren’t you accepting contracts any more?

I used “The 5 Whys” to answer this question.

What are “The 5 Whys?”

“The 5 Whys” is an interrogative technique used to explore cause-and-effect relationships that underly a problem.

1. Why?

I need a full-time, permanent job that offers me a chance to design AND use Salesforce at a Senior or Manager level.

2. Why?

Because I invested two years learning a lot about Salesforce with Trailhead, TrailheadDX and Dreamforce and I don’t want to take a role that doesn’t involve Salesforce in some “on-the-job” capacity. I also want the role to involve my 20+ years of design skills, marketing and events and my ability to wear many hats. This job also needs to pay well enough to afford housing on my own.

3. Why?

Because I’ve proven that I can’t handle having a roommate because it takes away from my own focus on my job and I really need to master my next role and not lose the job or apartment. We are in Covid times, and I want to stay healthy and not worry about who a roommate has been in contact with. I also want to be able to have my teenage sons visit me when they want a break from their father or need help with a college project or just want to do something with mom.

4. Why?

I’ve had so many short-term contract jobs that I emotionally and physically can’t handle it anymore. I also proved, over a three year period (2016–2019), that this was not financially sustainable.

5. Why?

When you take a contract job, it takes time to get you set up with payroll. You aren’t paid for the first two weeks (sometimes even longer) and then if you finish the project and they let you go after those first two weeks, you haven’t made any progress because you have to start all over again and you suddenly can’t afford your lease or Airbnb, etc… The constant job-hopping also creates a very difficult problem for being able to remember/document all the places you’ve lived. You don’t have a long-term job on your resume and you look like a mess to most businesses, when in fact, you have worked very hard and managed to help companies get through difficult transitions, vacations, weddings, etc… Maybe you even held down the fort on your own, worked overtime two weeks straight and did the work of several people, but it doesn’t always look that way on a resume.

Feel free to reach out with *permanent* roles that match my skill set.

Thank you so much!

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Life-long artist and designer. I love creative writing, live music, acoustic guitar, golden doodles, border collies, nature, cycling and organic food. She/her.

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