Hi Schessa,

I really appreciate your article. I too do not like it when white friends "jump on the band wagon" to create art that is not of their own struggle, though there are a few exceptions. For example, a female painter who is a musician and activist, who has been doing a series of portraits of ALL people she cares about that have meant something to her in her lifetime. She dedicated a song to George Floyd. Not sure if she made a portrait this time or not.

I don't know precisely why it bothers me so much to see white folks making iconic black art at this time, but I think you really captured my sentiments in this article. As an older, female designer, I am already struggling to keep up in the community and do not have funds to give to the cause. All I can do is reach out and try to be kind and tell you that I care about you, equality and making things better as we move foreward. I grew up loving all people and world culture, so anything that is racist or hateful is hard for me too. Best too you. -Colleen

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Life-long artist and designer. I love creative writing, live music, acoustic guitar, golden doodles, border collies, nature, cycling and organic food. She/her.

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