Award Winning, Safe, Solar ELF Could be Used as Bike Share for 2 to 3 People

What’s Next for the ELF

What if I told you there is an award winning company for sale right now that has already created a successful, sustainable micro-vehicle that works in rain, wind, snow, runs on solar, can be pedaled or not (like a JUMP electric bike), weighs only 160 pounds, can transport 1 to 3 people, 8 bags of groceries, pets, is safety tested and yet considered a bicycle that can ride in bike lanes and on the road up to 30 mph. It can carry up to 550 pounds. The ELF has already been used as a delivery vehicle, a book mobile, mobile food stand, NYC Pedicab, and for trips to the grocery store by more than 850 satisfied owners. It has traveled 10 million miles in 12 countries. If docked in a city, it could be shared with an app. It is fun to ride and is easy for anyone to use, including people with balance issues, disabilities, fear of falling on a 2 wheel bike and those who avoid biking in the rain. Wow! “Where can I try one?” you’d ask. Right?

Organic Transit, has already been making the earth cleaner and cooler with the ELF, this well-loved solar, covered 3 wheel vehicle. Many of the ELFs tested in southern climates have not been plugged in for more than 3 years. In places where it is sunny, the ELF is efficient enough to run on solar only, provided from the built in roof panel. When plugged in they recharge in just 2.5 hours on regular household current.

Rob Cotter, inventor and founder of Organic Transit says, “Think of a really excellent bike and how that feels to be zipping around, like an extension of your own body. This is what it feels like to drive an ELF.” Cotter is a former Porche and BMW builder who worked on race cars and high performance race bikes. With his expert understanding of cycling and safety in aerodynamic manufacturing, Cotter built the ELF to feel like a bike, but carry additional passengers, cargo in a locked “trunk”, and include many of the safety features of a car.

The ELF has turn signals, headlights, brake lights, a horn and 2 sideview mirrors. It can drive up to 30 miles per hour. It has been in just 20 accidents in over 6 years and had no severe injuries because it has a kayak-tough body with crumple zones built in. It has been pushed by a truck when hit at 50 mph, but the ELF slid along with the truck and no one has been killed. There have been no recalls or fires with any of the 850 vehicles sold. The ELF is safer, more durable, and has a greater carrying capacity than electric scooters and bikes, and it is more compact, efficient, and versatile than cars.

I stumbled upon this company while searching for a solution for my parents, now in their seventies, who typically make several daily short trips, solo, in their cars to the market, exercise classes, meetings and back. They no longer have the balance or courage to ride a bicycle in traffic safely. The lack of safe cycling infrastructure where they live is a major deterent as well. They could reduce their carbon footprints by using an ELF for short trips and an electric car for longer trips, get additional exercise and have fun too. When I discoverd the ELF online, I wrote to Rob and Maureen and learned of their efforts to sell Organic Transit to a buyer who wants to take this technology to the next level. I wanted to write an article to try and help them.

I found two other companies in my search, but neither are as well-tested or as safe as the ELF. Maureen Costello, co-founder and wife of Rob Cotter says, “Safety was Rob’s number one priority. We feel blessed that in 10 million real-world miles, there were no serious injuries or deaths. That was due to his design and it means a lot to us because our customers are not just a number or statistic.” Maureen was one of four women recognized this month for her work in the Electric Bike Industry by the Light Electric Vehicle Association (LEVA). Rob and Maureen were recognized as both pioneers and champions, alongside notables such as John Goodenough, Lee Iaccoca, Don DiCostanzo and Malcolm Bricklin.

Cotter explains that if you put a group of these vehicles together, you get a microgrid of solar electricity that can generate energy to run refrigeration, pumps, water purifiers, lights, communications anywhere. 600v or 30 amps and 10–30k Wh of storage. Imagine the possibilities for ELF helping people recover from natural disasters. After an earthquake or storm, there is often no electricity for days. This kind of vehicle could save lives if used by emergency workers in sunny places because it does not need to be plugged in.

An autonomous version of the ELF is currently in development at the University of Washington. The AI controlled research & development in conjuction with Organic Transit, Amazon and the university is intended for commercial autonomous vehicles.

I imagine a fleet of these docked at the Embarcadero or in the garage at CalAcademy. They could be rented for people that want to tour the park, but that are not comfortable riding a bike. Even store them on a sunny rooftop garage at CPMC, maybe? You can fit 3–4 of them in one parking space… Less cars. Less polution. Less carbon footprint. More fun.

The ELF is a net positive vehicle. The manufacturing of an ELF produces <1% CO2 of what it takes to build a car. ELFs have the potential to reduce gigatons of CO2 in the atmosphere. 80% of an ELF’s lifetime carbon footprint is from delivering it to the customer. From that moment, it begins to diminish its carbon footprint, making it a true net positive vehicle.

There is no denying, we are in a period where we must innovate and change our behaviors to solve climate related problems. It’s time to get rid of fossil fuel-based vehicles and upgrade our personal vehicles and all city based transit to sustainable fuels and solar electric technology.

Organic Transit is now offering its award winning company assets to investors interested in growing ELF and utilizing net positive tech to tackle climate change and aid in disaster recovery well into the future.


To learn more of Organic Transit and this asset purchase opportunity, please visit this website:

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